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World Wise Intercultural Training & Resources

Today global business requires that we collaborate with individuals and teams whose definitions of appropriate business practice may differ from our own. It is essential that we are aware of the cultural orientation of our colleagues, partners, clients as we expand our business globally. 

Don’t miss opportunities or disrupt projects due to cultural miscommunications. Cultural sensitivity is critical in global business especially as you strive to create effective teams and a collaborative environment. 

We are committed to expanding your understanding of the varied cultural orientations that shape global business so can you adapt, communicate effectively and take advantage of the opportunities that surround you. 

Contact Lanie Denslow to discuss your requirements and how developing cultural sensitivity and awareness of cultural driven business practices can support your global activities.
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I have worked with Lanie during the past seven years of my career and it has always been a pleasure. Her knowledge of business cultures around the world is exemplary and her willingness to share it is admirable. She is a captivating speaker and teaches by way of example as she engages with her audience with the same enthusiasm regardless of what end of the world they are from. I always look forward to working with her!

          Maricela Macias
          Associate Director, Business Development
          Australian Trade Commission