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Are you or your colleagues looking for an Elimination of Bias program approved for credit by the State Bar of Callifornia, one that can be delivered in your office?

Save time and disruption of your schedule. Arrange to have one of World Wise's two programs delivered on a day and a time that best suits your needs. Select the one you prefer.

OVERVIEW: In today's global business environment, attorneys engage with other attorneys, clients, consultants, and legal professionals from around the world. Their backgrounds, experiences and cultures vary. Unless one understands how cultures differ, it's easy to rely on preconceived ideas of how people will think, conduct business, and approach the practice of law. When unexpected differences are encountered, they may trigger actions, or attitudes of unconscious bias leading to misunderstandings, frustration and costly errors.


                                        Local & Global: Working with Non-U.S. Attorneys and Clients

This program looks at how culture shapes the conduct of business including negiations, as well as attitudes toward rules and laws. At the conclusion of this presentation, participants will be aware of:

    • What drives some countries to enact an extensive number of laws
        even though they may not be respected.

    • Where relationships may be considered more compelling than rules and laws.

    • Cultural issues to consider when negotiating globally.

    • The challenges of understanding the meanings of multiple forms of non-verbal communication.

For a more detailed program description, click HERE.


                                        Working with Non-U.S. Attorneys and Clients:
                                        Recognizing the impact of Cultrual Differences

This program will explain four key areas of cultural differences and reveal how these can be potential triggers of unconscious bias. At the conclusion of this interactive program, particpants will have learned:

    • The key characteristics of cultural groups around the world.

    • Why taking time to share a meal rather than review a document may make a negotiation
        more productive.

    • The differing views of views of time and styles of communication and how they can lead
        to critical misunderstandings.

    • To identify unconscious bias that can be sparked when cultural differences appear
         in common business settings.

For a more detailed program description, click HERE.



"Our law firm engaged Lanie Denslow of World Wise to present a series of three intercultural training workshops to all our attorneys. Lanie took us through an exploration of the cultural differences between clients and businesspeople in and from other countries, and why we are the way we are. As the world becomes smaller, having a high cultural quotience can be a real asset to a lawyer; making a misstep can be a literal deal-breaker.

Lanie's workshops were engaging, interactive and enjoyable. Attorneys can be a tough crowd, and the feedback from ours was very positive! Lanie's calm and thoughtful coaching delivered valuable insights to our attorneys, whether it's working overseas, representing clients engaged in a cross-boarder business, or simply representing clients who are originally from other countries. Lanie Denslow is a wonderful resource; I highly recommend her."

                                                    — Grace Carr Lee | Executive Director, Hoge Fenton, San Jose, CA