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Programs for Global Business

Being able to work effectively across cultures demands more than knowing what currency to take with you on a trip and how to dial an international call. Operating globally is complicated. It’s easy for costly misunderstandings, conflicts to occur, with projects delayed or derailed, opportunities and money lost.

Whether it’s negotiating a contract, time allowed to answer an e-mail, or business etiquette at a dinner, the rules vary. Understanding values, history and cultural fundamentals are necessary to operate effectively in a global setting.

Culture is important not only as part of leadership training but is essential for everyone in business today. World Wise programs provide practical intercultural training that can be adapted for participants at all levels of the organization.

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Working With Non-U.S. Attorneys & Clients:
Recognizing the Impact of Cultural Differences

This program will explain four key areas of cultural differences and reveal how these can be potential triggers of unconscious bias. By developing an awareness of the relationship between cultural differences and unconscious bias it is possible to avoid missteps and missed opportunities. Using this knowledge attorneys can enhance their ability to operate effectively within their global legal networks and business communities.
(CLE approved for 1.0 credits. For complete program description CLICK HERE)

"Lanie Denslow is a highly effective cross-cultural communicator. No matter how diverse the audience, Lanie connects with each individual and makes the information relevant to their unique situation. Through participatory activities, each listener is fully engaged. Relationships are the heart of business and Lanie is at the heart of understanding productive relationships."
— Bronwen Madden
Deputy Director
Center for International Trade Development
El Camino College Business Training Center



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When Connecting On-line isn’t Enough:
The Attorney’s Guide to Navigating a Client Event, Holiday Party
or the standard the Business Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

Whether attending a client event, bar association meeting or networking activity everyone wants to maximize the investment of time spent and avoid embarrassing missteps. This interactive program will cover elements necessary to create a valuable experience ranging from pre-event practices through making a professional exit.  Participants will learn the three elements of a useful introduction, the five major responsibilities of a host, and the single idea essential for creating a productive event.


"Lanie's ability to connect with the audience is amazing. You can tell her presentation is well researched, filled with useful information.  She obviously enjoys presenting. What I learned was valuable and I had fun too!"
— Lisa Carmichael
Manager, Human Capital
Deloitte Consulting LLP


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Working with the World:
How Culture Influences the Ways We Do Business

Being able to work effectively with partners, clients, advisors and employees from around the world requires more than knowing how to dial an international call and what currency to take on a trip.  Operating in a global environment is complicated.

Whether it’s negotiating a contract, knowing time allowed to answer e-mail or how to be polite at dinner, the rules vary. Participate in this interactive program,, increase your cultural awareness and  learn how to navigate the impact of cultural differences in a business environment. 

"I just had to send you this email
to let you know you did 'Fabulous'.
You had ALL of us engaged!"
— Eloisa Klementich
Assistant Deputy Secretary
for Economic Development
Business, Transportation
and Housing Agency
State of California


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Business Protocol and Etiquette for our Collaborative World

In our global economy technical competence alone won’t insure success; one must also possess excellent social skills to build and maintain personal relationships.   Developing collaborative projects and effective teams requires more than on line connections. Knowing how to navigate shared meals, provide appropriate introductions and conduct meetings can be as important as understanding the financial terms of a transaction. Participants in this interactive program will learn the basics of business etiquette and protocol so they can be seen as wise, polite and culturally aware wherever their business takes place. 

"Your talk provided wonderful insights
and you have a great presence.
You have a very attracting way of speaking:
with humor, great insights..."
— Stefan Matthies
Matthies International Consulting

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Working with Americans

Business practices in the United States differ in many ways from those of almost all other countries throughout the world. This program provides insight into the values and concepts that shape the conduct one observes when working with Americans.  The program will discuss topics ranging from historical reasons that led to American’s independent outlook to their particular view of how to conduct a meeting. For Americans this program provides a look at their own culture from a new perspective and provides an understanding of what surprises and puzzles people from other places.


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Customize the Program for Your Requirements

Each program can be customized to fit your needs. Whether you need a keynote, group briefing or individual coaching; a program that lasts one hour or one day we can adapt the content to fit. All programs are dedicated to involving participants, filled with humor, along with real life examples and stories. There’s time allotted for questions and sharing of experiences.