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Listed here are an assortment of sources that can provide you useful information about places, ideas, people you work with, may visit. Keep up with news about a specific place or topic by setting a Google Alert.  Find how much a meal will cost using the Currency Exchange site or the best time to schedule a conference call for people on three continents by checking the Time and Date site. 

This list is short and personal.  None of the information contained in any of these sites is guaranteed to provide specific answers, rather these are places to look, gather data that you can evaluate.  If you have an idea for something to add to the list,  a site you like, find useful ~ Send me a note and we can add it to our list.  lanie@worldwiseonline.net 
:: :: :: :: :: :: Exporting or Importing? :: :: :: :: :: ::
US Department of Commerce 
www.trade.gov or www.export.gov
:: :: :: :: :: :: Facts about countries and cities :: :: :: :: :: ::
CIA World Factbook
Currency exchange rates
Time around the world


:: :: :: :: :: :: News of the World :: :: :: :: :: ::
Google News Alerts
New York Times
Financial Times
The Economist

:: :: :: :: :: :: An Assortment of Books :: :: :: :: :: ::

Africa (Reader)
American Nations (Woodward)
Asian Branding (Batey)
Geography of Time (Levine)
Blind Spot (Banaji, Greenwald)
Bound Together, How Traders, Preachers, Adventurers & Warriors Shaped Globalization (Chanda)
Confucius Lives Next Door (Reid)
Culture Map (Meyer)
Culture Matters (Harrison and Huntington)
Cultures and Organizations (Hofstede)
European Business Customs (Bosrock)
From Silk to Silicon (Garten)
Global Dexterity (Molinsky)
Global Smarts (Hodge)
The Lexus and the Olive Tree (Friedman)
Riding the Waves of Culture (Trompenaars, Hampden-Turner)
Rules of the Game (Leaptrott)
The Cultural Imperative (Lewis)
The Culture Code (Rapaille)
The Soul of American (Meacham)
The Sushi Economy (Issenberg)
The World is Flat (Friedman)
Understanding Cultural Differences (Hall and Hall)
When Cultures Collide (Lewis)
Working with Americans (Stewart-Allen, Denslow)
World Wise What to Know Before You Go  (Denslow)